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Garage Door Replacement

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Overhead Garage Door

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Garage Door Openers

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How to Transform Your Garage into a Convenient Office

02/24/2014 Back To Blog

Thankfully, many garages in California are spacious enough to fit the family’s car, but can also host a series of professional activities. In fact, working from home but in a separate space is very convenient because you won’t have to drive for miles or spend money on rentals. The problem is that garages also host a series of garage door parts and, hence, it is vital to prepare the room and take some measures in order to prevent possible accidents and give a professional aura to your new office.

Get rid of dirt and dust

Most garages are storage rooms since most households keep many useless things, which are thrown in there and, as a result, they take over most of the space and make it impossible to clean up the floor. Before you do anything else, you should throw away everything you don’t really need and check the walls for possible signs of moisture or mold. It would be better if you could paint the walls in light colors, which will brighten up the place. You must also remember to clean up the garage door springs and the other parts of the mechanism.

Placing your desk

Once the place is cleaned up and painted, you can decide where you want to put your desk, but it would be wiser to place it as far away from the garage door mechanism as possible. You don’t want to risk getting injured by a snapped garage door cable. You must also make sure you have installed plenty of sockets in the walls since they will be useful for your office equipment.

The importance of residential garage door service

Inspect all the components one by one and dedicate some time for their service, especially lubrication maintenance on the mechanical parts. Tighten up all the loose screws and make sure to do garage door sensors replacement, if the sensors are broken or don’t work properly. The functionality of the reversing mechanism will be more important now that you will spend most of your day in your new office.

Pay attention to the noise

When you will start working at your new office, your communication with the clients may be a bit problematic from the loud noise of the opener, except if you are the only one using a car in the family. In any other case, you should pay some extra dollars in order to get a belt drive garage door opener, which is silent and as reliable as the rest drive motors.

If you want to invest more on the professional appearance of your office and you like the all glass idea, you should get glass doors, which will allow you to work with natural light that will have positive effects on your health and will cut down on the extra electricity bill expenses.


You should get similar security measures as any other office in Lynwood. Hence, you must give gravity to the lighting, alarm systems and surveillance cameras in order to feel safer and protect the documents of your business.

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